Rebecca Minkoff Leather iPhone X Wristlet Case with Charms

Apple iPhone is a small treasure to behold. With the advancement of technology and wonders of wireless charging, the iPhone X is a small wonder.
Though owning one can cost very much and it should stay out of harm’s way to look the part. An iPhone X costs around $1000. Such an expensive phone will not look that way if the screen is battered or the sides have gone through hell.
So, all the iPhone X users who aspire to charm their iPhones with good luck, this is the review for you.

Faux Leather

From afar it looks like any case enclosing the phone. The Rebecca Minkoff Leather iPhone Wristlet Case is made up of faux leather. It is a hard plastic case that gives the illusion of leather. The leather is known to chip or shred away. The wearability of it is considerably high when compared to plastic. Especially if you are a person who uses their phone rather roughly. This plastic case will not only protect your phone from scratches and impacts, but it will also protect itself from shredding into oblivion.

Prone to Bending

Smartphones these days aim for lightweight products as a slim design adds feasibility to their usage. Though it has made the phone prone to bending. You must have faced the case bending issue when you accidentally sat down with case in your back pocket. To prevent this, the Rebecca Minkoff case comes in. It gives you the feel of granulated leather, though the dense plastic composition prevents bending.

Easy Accessibility to Buttons

The case has buttons on the sides which are very responsive. The cut out for the camera does not cover the flash. The speaker and lightning port cut out to align with the ports. The phone can be recharged, while still being in the case through wireless charging. The insignia is embossed on the bottom of the back cover.


There is a wristlet attached to the Minkoff Leather iPhone X case. There are occasions where you don’t carry a bag or want to avoid blotches on your screen. Nothing looks more unattractive than greasy fingerprints on the iPhone X. Just put the wristlet, this will hang your phone from your wrist. It will also prevent your phone from being knocked out of your hand. In case that happens, the wristlet will prevent the phone from being dropped. Adding to this, one big drawback of owning an iPhone X is it being expensive. It is vulnerable to being snatched and the wristlet will anchor the phone from your hand. This case gives you the power to shield your phone form any danger.
The snake chain will not stretch with the passage of time. Neither will they snap when you happen to drop your phone. It will bear the full weight of the phone with ease. A black case with a snake charm wristlet gives the phone a sleek and stylish design.


An expensive phone calls for an expensive case. It costs $80 on Amazon.