Marcelo Burlon Flowers Snakes iPhone X Case

If you want to make a fashion statement with your iPhone cover. This case review is for you. If you are willing to spend $1000 on the iPhone X, the phone case must look the part too. It should go parallel with the sleek and stylish design of this amazing iPhone. Better to pay for an iPhone case rather than emptying your wallet on repair costs. Those don’t go easy on the pocket.
This luxurious designer case will help you flaunt your iPhone with style. It is a true head turner as well as a good shield for your iPhone X.

What does this phone case offer?

It offers high-class quality with great looks. The Marcelo Burlon Flowers Snakes iPhone X cover is made from100% polycarbonate. This dense plastic is rigid and gives a smooth and sturdy feel to the case. It fits around your phone perfectly. A well-fitted cover ensures that your screen doesn’t shatter when it receives a huge impact, for example, when you drop your phone.

Impact Protection

The rigid and strong built of the case prevents the phone from damage and bending. Many people have the habit of putting their phones in their back pockets which leads to the slim phones being bent. The Polycarbonate offers high impact protection whilst keeping your phone slim and lightweight. It does not give your iPhone X a bulky feel which the other cases deliver. Just put a good screen cover on top and your phone will be fully guarded against any sort of peril.

Prone to Surface Friction

The raised bezels let you put your phone with ease either face up or face down. It will protect it from surface friction. Cutouts are made to size and align with the portal entries of your phone perfectly, providing easy access to them. There are no buttons on the sides as they take away the original feel of the phone. This case is shock and scratch proof sizing up to 4.7 x 5.5 inches.

High-Class Aesthetics

This case exudes style and beauty. The interesting twisted black snake pattern spread over the entire length of the case. The logo is embossed on the bottom back, has ‘Marcelo Burlon, Country of Milan’ written. In the midst, the snakes, are Light Blue, Light Pink and Off-White flowers blossoming spreading color in the black and white design. They brighten the phone cover, along with the dark edge by the snakes. The design is not limited to the back cover, it extends towards the edges, keeping the design in continuation. If you happen to love reptiles or snake emojis, this case is cut out for you. This embellished elegant design takes the aesthetics of your phone skywards.

Price Point

This over the top design and polished quality comes at a price. The pricey case for a pricey phone is of $70 dollars. It is better to take preventative measures, as a shattered and best up phone does not please the eye.